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Free Webinar: Your Practice Culture Counts More Than Ever

Free Webinar
1 hour webinar



When: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 @ 2:15 PM

Culture is the system of learned patterns of behavior and ideas that results in shared values, beliefs, and attitudes that knit the members of an organization together. What separates the highest-performing practices from the rest is not clever strategy, superior services, or better people.

A commitment to caring communication is not a “nice-to-have.” It is essential to connecting with patients and providing compassionate, quality care. Join Dr. Sanna as he shares the keys to a successful practice culture in this team-building session.

  • Practice Culture Determines
    How well a practice does what it does and how successful it will be.

  • Practice Culture Shapes​​​​​​​
    How your people work, interact, and meet the challenges that they confront.

  • Caring is Imperative
    Practices can only do a great job by going all out to care for their staff.