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Attention: At this time online registration for the In-Person Convention is closed. Registration on-site is available.

In-Person Live Hours: Oct. 7-8th: Click here for In-Person Schedule, including CA Track Information.

Virtual Live Hours: Oct. 15-16th: Click here for Live-Online Schedule.

On-Demand: Oct. 7-17th

Full Conference Information, Including Speakers, Venue, Etc- Available Here

Registration Options

  • Virtual Only: This registration includes a live-online virtual weekend and on-demand hours. 
  • In-Person & Virtual Registration: This registration includes in-person hours at the Durham Convention Center, the option to take additional hours at the live-online weekend, and on-demand hours.


Dr. Nicole M. DiNezza, DC, NTP's Profile

Dr. Nicole M. DiNezza, DC, NTP Related seminars and products

Dr. Nicole DiNezza, DC, NTP is the founder of Infinity Holistic Healthcare and founder and lead instructor
of FODMAP Freedom in 90 Days. In her practice, she helps people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),
small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), acid reflux, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Dr. Michael K. Powell, DACNB's Profile

Dr. Michael K. Powell, DACNB Related seminars and products

Dr. Powell's presentations are engaging and interactive. He often uses video case studies from his clinic so you can see how he actually works through the process being taught. This puts a face and a real person at the center of our subject. Once that "why" is established, the underlying systems are considered. Then assessment, treatment and practice management strategies all come together with hands on learning to give the doctor confidence in applying these techniques the next day in clinic.

Dr. Powell has been teaching nationally and abroad for over 20 years. His presentations make understanding the applications of brain function and chiropractic care easy, fun to learn and practical to implement. Each session combines patient case video and hand's on learning. Information presented is linked to evidence from current research. The goal is always to make the doctor better able to serve their patients at the highest level.

Dr. Powell is a second generation chiropractor, Logan College of Chiropractic graduate and has been practicing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa since 1996. He has taught functional neurology extensively as faculty with the Carrick Institute The majority of his patients either have well established neurological diagnoses or complex conditions that have not improved despite extensive care. He has a passion for sharing what he's learned from research, other doctors and his patients to help as many chiropractors as possible serve at a higher level.

Dr. Powell has served as a board member for the Iowa Board of Chiropractic, Iowa Chiropractic Society and Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa. He has been involved with the NBCE, FCLB, IAFNR, ACNB and ACA Councils. Over the years he has presented at chiropractic and medical colleges, state association and multi-disciplinary events. Dr. Powell is an author of "The Potential Impact of Various Physiological Mechanisms on Outcomes in TBI, mTBI, Concussion and PPCS" Journal of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics, 2013.

Dr. Kevin Sharp's Profile

Dr. Kevin Sharp Related seminars and products

Dr. Kevin Sharp, founder of Sharp Chiropractic in Winston Salem, NC is one of the country's foremost experts in the areas of compliant clinical documentation and insurance industry standards. His expertise includes a combination of active chiropractic practice, continuing education, teaching, consulting and advisory work.

Jonathan M. Lesch, D.C., Cert. MDT's Profile

Jonathan M. Lesch, D.C., Cert. MDT Related seminars and products

Dr. Jonathan Lesch is a 1993 graduate of LeMoyne College and a 1997 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He has been in private practice in Auburn, NY since 1998, specializing in spinal rehabilitation. Dr. Lesch has the distinction of being certified in both McKenzie Therapy and Mulligan Therapy for over 20 years. With his unique background, Dr. Lesch has been able to streamline some of the best techniques of the chiropractic, physical therapy and athletic training professions to form a simple and effective approach for the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the spine and extremities. The techniques are shared in his book End Neck & Back Pain & Enjoy Life Again: The Ultimate Guide for Immediate Relief and his popular seminar Mastering the Disc: Mechanical Assessment of the Spine & Extremities. Dr. Lesch has been the featured speaker at the North Carolina, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Virginia Chiropractic State Conventions, where he was given the title of best rated speaker. In his spare time, Dr. Lesch enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Jennifer, and four lovely daughters.

Dr. Alan C Smith, DC, FICPA's Profile

Dr. Alan C Smith, DC, FICPA Related seminars and products

Dr. Alan runs a family based, subluxation centered cash practice to which he owes much of his success through the education vs. selling philosophy. His journey in practice is vast which includes; a multidisciplinary approach as well as an Atlas only approach to embrace the necessity and value of custom arch support. His energy and passion are apparent while living as congruent as he can in life and practice. Due to this, his patients become like family who know and trust the education and all that is recommended for their health journey. 

Dr. Thomas Bayne's Profile

Dr. Thomas Bayne Related seminars and products

Dr. Tom Bayne is a Chiropractic Physician and public speaker dedicated to understanding and improving the gut microbiome. As the President of Microbiome Labs, Dr. Bayne travels around the world educating healthcare practitioners on the science of the gut microbiome, its relation to chronic diseases, and innovative solutions to improve the health of patients.
Dr. Bayne’s comprehensive understanding of supplement manufacturing and extensive clinical experience have given him a unique ability to formulate integrative solutions for digestive and immune health. In 2013, he worked with an elite group of practitioners and researchers to develop MegaSporeBiotic® - the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade, 100% spore-based probiotic. This led to the formation of Microbiome Labs, where his duties include overseeing research studies and creating innovative products to improve digestive and immune health.

In his own clinic, Dr. Bayne has spent over 24 years helping his patients optimize their digestive health, improve autoimmune conditions, and enhance detoxification.

Lacey Hall's Profile

Lacey Hall Related seminars and products

Lacey Hall, MS, RD, is the Clinical Director of Learning and Development at Microbiome Labs. Lacey's career has spanned from caring for patients in the hospitalized medical setting to personalized nutritional coaching in the rainforests of Bali, Indonesia. At Microbiome Labs, she creates scientific resources and training material, hosts educational presentations, and is a clinical consultant for the BiomeFX stool test. When Lacey isn't teaching others about gut health, she enjoys spending time with her 8-year-old son, long walks with her dog while listening to podcasts, and traveling off the beaten path in search of her next adventure. 

Elizabeth Nieland's Profile

Elizabeth Nieland Related seminars and products

Elizabeth Nieland has been a Chiropractic Assistant since 2004.  She has been active in all positions within a high-volume practice in Wilkesboro, NC with her husband Dr. James Nieland where she has developed the skills and background needed to build a successful practice.  During that time, she expanded her knowledge beyond Chiropractic and worked with companies like Novant Health to learn the dynamic of Medical & Hospital Practice Management.  

She has continued her passion for the Chiropractic Profession and shared her skills and expertise throughout the United States during her time as the Director of Quality Improvement for SIDECAR, LLC Billing Services and as a consultant for many Chiropractic Software Companies.  She is currently an Advisor for SIDECAR, LLC on their Billing Advisory Board and an active participant with the NCCA.

Sheri Frost's Profile

Sheri Frost Related seminars and products

Chirobill NC has been serving North Carolina Chiropractors since 2015. They employ a team of credentialed billers and coders who accumulatively have more than 50 years in the industry. Sheri Frost, the principal owner has been working in chiropractic since 2010, having previously spent 25 years as a non-profit executive.  Sheri has advanced degrees and credentials in health care administration and emergency management with more than 35 years of experience in project management and training & development.

Dr. Raphael Castro's Profile

Dr. Raphael Castro Related seminars and products

The Lifting Doc

Dr. Castro, aka The Lifting Doc, is a sports chiropractor out of New York. He received
both his masters of sports injury management/rehabilitation and his doctorate of
chiropractic from Life University. Dr Castro practices in upstate NY where his office is
limited to the treatment of athletes and active individuals. The majority of clients he
treats come from various weightlifting backgrounds followed by endurance athletes.  Dr.
Castro is still an active competitive powerlifter and heavily involved in the powerlifting
and crossfit communities.


Dr. Ty Talcott's Profile

Dr. Ty Talcott Related seminars and products

• Has consulted to thousands of health care practices relative to business development and protection. 

• A sought after speaker who has led numerous seminars, performed as a keynote speaker and has been featured on the cover of several magazines. He has presently instructed over 100 webinars and 90 live events relative to HIPAA and government compliance for 38 state chiropractic associations and three chiropractic colleges, as well as independent and medical organizations. Had over thirty articles published relative to the onset of and participation with managed care-over a dozen articles regarding HIPAA compliance. 

• Is a founding partner of an IPA (independent physician association ) that credentialed participating doctors for contracting with HMO’s and PPO’s. 

• Served on the Governor appointed Workers Compensation Commission in Texas. He is an expert at the art of effective communication and has appeared on dozens of radio and TV talk shows. Has founded and chaired two hospital departments.

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