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On Demand

X-Ray Module: Part 1

5 Hours 02 Minutes
Audio and Video


This is part 1 of 6 online portions for X-Ray Certification Module 86. You have until February 24, 2020 to complete this section. 

In order to get credit for attendance you must:

  1. Submit Attendance codes
    • There will be attendance codes appearing throughout the video that will be used to verify your attendance each section.
    • When the attendance code appears on the screen you can click "save attendance code" to automatically save each code, or  write them down on paper to keep track. 
    • When you complete a section submit each code in order under the "proof of completion tab" for that section. You must click submit on this tab even if you saved the code automatically.
  2. Watch the videos entirely

Please note:

  • There is a "Handouts" Tab in the top right corner of this viewer that has helpful supplemental material. These are not required, but highly recommended that you do the study quizzes and activities to increase your understanding and chances for success of passing the X-Ray Certification Exam. 
  • You can start, stop and pause as much as you need. The video will pick up where you left off. 
  • You can do this at any pace as long as each section is complete by the deadlines listed above.