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Dr. Jennifer Illes

The Kinetic Chain from the Ground Up

*Live Broadcast* 4 Hours of CEU

*Live broadcast hours count toward in-person CEU requirement for 2020*
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM & 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

What is a kinetic chain? Originally published by orthopedic surgeon Art Steindler in 1955, the basic concept of a kinetic chain is described as individual joints and muscles don’t work individually, but rather they work together as a group for any meaningful motion you’ll ever make. This recognizes the fact that we don’t just have muscles, we have a nervous system that controls muscles. During this 4 hour course the instructor will discuss a bottom-up approach of assessment of the body with starting at the ground and moving up to the occiput. Learn how unilateral foot hyperpronation can stem from a weak glut medius muscle, and how dysfunction in breathing can affect spinal stability.


About Dr. Jennifer Illes

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Dr. Illes currently resides in Florida. She is an associate professor at Keiser Universities College of Chiropractic Medicine Program in West Palm Beach. In addition, she travels locally and around the globe teaching rehabilitative, elastic taping, and clinical diagnosis classes.She’s a NYCC grad, and holds a Masters in Applied Clinical Practice from NUHS. She’s currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Health Sciences program.

She’s a published author and peer-reviewer for clinical research. Her passion revolves around motivating people to get moving and get healthy.


This class is sponsored by Foot Levelers